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Andrew Galarneau: Hey, Jack Eichel, I hear you're looking for a table for 20

Dear Jack,

Word is that you are looking to take your teammates out to dinner to celebrate your signing a contract worth the gross domestic product of a smallish Third World nation.

In times such as these, you may be urged to patronize the usual suspects, like Tempo, Buffalo Chophouse, Bacchus, Russell's, Salvatore's and the Western Door. Places serving some of the finest steak and seafood around. Places where at the end of the meal, the check arrives accompanied by the complimentary sound track of an armored car backing up.

I would not propose to sway you from those choices. As the designated eater of The Buffalo News, I would propose to only make sure you are aware of some options that may have escaped your attention.

Chez Ami, 210 Franklin St., the luxurious restaurant in the new Curtiss Hotel, has a valet lot that already draws Maseratis like ants to honey. Better yet, it has a rotating bar that seats 20. Do you know 20 guys who would like to have a couple pops?

Starters: Crispy burrata, octopus at Chez Ami

Ristorante Lombardo, 1198 Hertel Ave., has been around longer than any others on this list, but Mick Jagger was there the last time he was in town. Mick Jagger? He's a singer with the, oh never mind.

Ristorante Lombardo is great from start to finish

Patina 250, 250 Delaware Ave., has a private dining room big enough for a scrimmage, and a tomahawk steak that will make you realize how big cows really are, listed on the menu as "for two," which means Robin Lehner could make it an appetizer then use the bone for a toothpick.

At Patina 250, a new standard for hotel dining

Sear, 200 Delaware Ave. (review coming next week), also has a private dining room, super-premium Wagyu-genetics beef and a wine list that your French-speaking teammates should appreciate. I hear the 2005 Chateau Petrus ($4,800) is magnifique.

Modern steakhouse arrives in Buffalo at Sear

Allen Burger Venture, 175 Allen St., would be my suggestion if the squad wants to take it easy on your wallet. Magnificent burgers, terrific draft beer from near and far, and a whiskey collection significant enough to repel the best attempts to drink it dry. No lobster or Chateau Lafite Rothschild, but great music and, oh yeah, it's run by an actual rock star.

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