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John Vogl's Stick Taps: What you need to know about the NHL's new rules

The NHL has changed the rules regarding video reviews. The league also has a new head of player safety, and he wants to put his stamp on things.

Here's a look.

Get it right or else

Video reviews became too big of a story last season. Fans, coaches and players bemoaned the time wasted to see if a toe was across the blue line.

In an effort to cut down on the number of reviews, the league is penalizing teams that are wrong. Rule 78.7(b) now reads, "If the result of the challenge is that the play was on-side, the goal shall count and the team that issues the challenge shall be assessed a minor penalty for delaying the game."

That’s a double whammy. Not only would a team get a disputed goal, it would get a power play and a chance at another.

Previously, teams simply lost their timeout for being wrong. The timeout rule has been removed, and teams don't need one to challenge a play.

Speaking of timeouts …

Aside from video challenges, the ideal time for a coach to use his timeout was when his tired players iced the puck. The TO would give them a breather before the faceoff.

Not anymore. Teams can no longer call timeouts after icing, which will keep fatigued players on the ice against fresh skaters.

Slash and burn

George Parros, the new czar of discipline, doesn't like when guys use their sticks to whack fingers and hands. As a result, officials have been instructed to call more slashing penalties.

Based on the number of preseason power plays, it'll take players awhile to learn to keep their sticks down.

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