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Letter: Trump should focus on important issues

Trump should focus on important issues

I am not a football fan. My father was obsessed with football and as a child our Sundays were miserable for me. That being said, here are my thoughts about President Trump and the sports world:

Presidents should not interfere with hiring and firing in private companies, including sports franchises.

Trump should spend his energy on the problems facing America, such as North Korea, health care, areas devastated by storms and any important policies that affect us.

Sports players should not be disrespected by the president. They should be left to do their jobs. They pay dearly with their bodies after they retire, and the president has no business insulting them.

Presidents should never use swear words in public. I would have had my mouth washed out with soap as a child for saying what he said to the football owners.

Coleen Hanna


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