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Letter: Wealthy politicians in it for themselves

Wealthy politicians in it for themselves

We have a man sitting in the Oval Office who has picked a fight with a score of people in all walks of life. How did we get here? The pundits offer a number of reasons. I believe it started with Citizens United. Money has become the ogre to foul the air. Money talks; money talks big. We send our representatives to Washington to look after the country and all of us who make our country work. Instead, they answer not to us who elected them but to the wealthy who care for their own interest. They manipulate political life to increase their wealth. Now I ask you, how much money is enough? Five million, a billion or is there no limit to the avaricious appetites of this small coterie of homegrown oligarchs?

In spite of the fact that I am a bleeding-heart liberal, I point my finger at both political parties. A majority of our representatives in Washington are millionaires and with a small number of exceptions, they have lost their sense of the common man who has made this country great.

I have taken pride in the fact that the Democratic Party has a history of grinding out a social safety net that makes life better for just about everyone who has need of some form of support.

I have consistently spoken for the need for a strong, truly conservative Republican Party. We need the balance between social liberalism and wise fiscal management. I am saddened by the fact that the day of great Republican spokesmen has passed. I can remember when they graced the halls of Congress and made the timbers rattle. Toadies who worship at the altar of mammon now command the stage.

Joseph Spina


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