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Letter: Retain medical deduction when reforming federal tax

Retain medical deduction when reforming federal tax

In the discussion about federal tax reform, itemized deductions are proposed to be eliminated except for charity and mortgage interest. Eliminating the medical deduction will be very unfair to seniors in health care residences, people requiring care, people who must pay for their health insurance and people who pay for long-term care insurance. These people pay these costs with after-tax income. Many employees have their health insurance paid by their employer and they are not taxed for this benefit. The medical deduction tends to level this cost disparity. If the medical deduction is eliminated, the tax code will be discriminatory and unfair.

Everyone should urge their senators and representative to retain this itemized deduction, particularly since premiums keep increasing with no legislative health care reform in sight.

James H. Mintun Jr.

Orchard Park

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