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National Coffee Day in Buffalo, with a splash of fall

Caffeine lovers unite.

Sept. 29 marks National Coffee Day, and there are plenty of places around Buffalo to celebrate - including "next generation" businesses like Tipico Coffee, Public Espresso, Caffeology, Undergrounds and Grateful Grind, which were all featured in Andrew Galarneau's coffee centerfold this week, below.

Grounds to celebrate: Great next-generation coffee in Buffalo

Since the fall season is suddenly in full swing and everyone’s buzzing about pumpkin spice-flavored drinks, check out these fall-themed coffee options. From chain locations to local spots, these autumn treats will delight taste buds.

Tim Hortons, multiple locations

This chain will always hold a place in Buffalonian hearts. There are several locations around the city, including one in HarborCenter. Not only does Tim Hortons tout specialty fall treats, it offers Pumpkin Spice Iced Capps. Get all the strong, glorious coffee flavor you know and love with a little extra kick of fall.

Buffalo Coffee Roastery, 350 Main St.

This local spot puts a festive spin on lattes with a pumpkin spice flavor. But it doesn’t stop there. Imagine stuffing a whole pumpkin pie in your coffee cup. Buffalo Coffee offers pumpkin pie coffee flavoring almost every week. A little hint: Try the pumpkin pie flavoring in the coffee drink of your choice next Friday.

From West Side shop Tipico to expanding Public Espresso, next-generation coffee is thriving. Learn a little about the creators, creations and techniques employed at these inno… 

Daily Planet Coffee, 1862 Hertel Ave.

Pumpkin spice galore. This spot puts pumpkin spice flavor in any of your favorite coffee drinks. Lattes, coffees, iced coffees. Try them all. Fall never tasted so good.

Dog Ears Bookstore, 688 Abbott Road

Coffee and books, what a great fall combination. Grab a book and a warm beverage, with a little hint of seasonal spices. The store boasts a pumpkin spice coffee.

Starbucks, multiple locations

Not only does this chain have its own form of a pumpkin spice latte, but it also offers a maple pecan latte. The maple pecan combines maple syrup, pecan and brown butter flavor, sprinkled with maple-flavored topping. It claims to bring fall right to your coffee cup.

Dunkin' Donuts, multiple locations

The Buffalo spots have a deal, which makes even more sense if you're traveling with a friend!

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