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Letter: Westwood project is worthy of our support

Westwood project is worthy of our support

I believe the Amherst Town Board has a responsibility to all citizens, not just a vocal few. The town must act for the greater good for all Amherst citizens. The former Westwood Country Club property would generate revenues as opposed to creating new expenses if it were turned into parkland.

Those advocating for a huge town park are selfishly wrong. Pass any park in Amherst and you will see how parks are greatly underutilized, with the only exception being sections having playground equipment. The Westwood plan includes public park space as well as extensive greenspace within the project scope. If you turn this land into a park, then the vocal few advocates should bear the expense of developing and maintaining it.

Buffalo has a reputation for first saying no to development as if it were evil. The Westwood project is no more than a smaller-scale representation of housing, businesses, structures and entities that already exist in Amherst. It is not some massive speculative project of questionable character or dubious value. The Westwood development would also bring needed jobs to the area.

Those who complain about adding to already congested traffic should be advocating for the state to make improvements to Sheridan Drive, which is currently woefully inadequate, as well as coordinating signals to speed traffic flow.

Westwood is a worthwhile project that should be supported, not vilified. We should be encouraging investment, not turning our backs on it.

Jerry Kotowski


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