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Letter: President is a patriot who loves this country

President is a patriot who loves this country

It really amazes me how the entertainment world, the left-wing media and “elite celebrities” constantly make fools out of themselves with their constant bashing of our president. Making America great and keeping it great sounds great to me. Returning jobs to our labor force that were foolishly given away, strengthening our defenses against those who wish us harm, limiting the influx of those who wish to kill us and enforcing the rule of law are just a few of our president’s top priorities, in the face of constant obstruction from those who contribute nothing but mockery to him as the leader of a country that provides limitless opportunities for people of all origins.

These mockers also seem to disrespect and mock the flag that symbolizes those opportunities. Disrespecting that flag is disrespecting our history and the thousands of lives that have been left on the battlefields of two world wars, the Korean War, Vietnam, the Gulf and the many countless battles that have kept our country free from the tyrannical maniacs of the world.

It seems to me that President Trump is a patriot who loves this country and respects that history and is not afraid to tell it like it is. He is a leader who is not afraid to thank God for what we have and a leader who is not afraid to ask for his continued blessings for the United States of America. It seems to me that is something that is missing from those who wish to make him look foolish, but in reality, are only implanting that stigma on themselves.

Norman Machynski


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