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Letter: Leave Niagara Falls air base out of debate over wind farm

Leave Niagara Falls air base out of debate over wind farm

I live in Yates township in Orleans County and have been following the Apex wind turbine issue for a short while. I can see two valid objections. First, aesthetics, and second, they will lower property values. The first cannot be argued with, it’s a matter of opinion. The second can be debated.

But I think the hypothetical chance of the wind turbines, sometime in the future, causing the closing of the Niagara Falls air base is a ridiculous argument. I have been to two Yates hearings on the issue and I’ve heard nobody cite any actual base closures caused by nearby wind turbines. Further, Save Ontario Shores and the other opponents very carefully avoid any mention of actual military bases that have turbines in their area.

So please, John Riggi, Sen. Robert Ortt and Rep. Chris Collins, visit the Travis Air Force Base website. It clearly states there are 600 turbines 400 feet tall within five miles of Travis AFB.

Dennis Seekins


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