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Letter: President is dividing the American people

President is dividing the American people

The “great divider,” President Trump, is not uniting the American people. A recent poll shows that 66 percent believe he is dividing the country. His recent tirade against professional NFL players during his Alabama rally made major waves, and escalated the kneeling by athletes during playing of the national anthem to a new level.

In his caustic remarks, he has called NFL players a “son of a bitch.” This is not an issue that our president needs to get involved in. Everyone in America, including all athletes, has a constitutional right of “freedom of expression.”

In addition, his statements at his rally had racial overtones because they were directed at black athletes. When you add his inflammatory comments from the Charlottesville, Va., debacle favoring the white supremacists, he is only dividing America in an unprecedented manner.

Joseph Borzelliere

East Amherst

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