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Letter: Let’s tackle root cause of NFL players’ protest

Let’s tackle root cause of NFL players’ protest

The love for one’s country is an incredibly powerful emotion. Perhaps equally as powerful is the feeling that one’s country doesn’t love you back. The latter has spurred the kneeling protests in the NFL. While I don’t believe in kneeling or hiding during the national anthem, I believe in one’s right to do so.

We can argue as to whether it’s appropriate while one is “on the clock.” I certainly can’t take to protesting while I’m at my place of employment. We can also debate whether this is a gainful protest in that the flag represents us all and further separating oneself from something that you want to be equally a part of is counterproductive.

What cannot be argued, or denied, is many of our fellow citizens feel they are seen as less than in this country. I believe in one’s right to peacefully protest, however one wishes. By the same token, it’s the right of others to express how they feel either way.

But can we possibly sit down and hear each other out? Are we able to tackle the root cause of the issues so that we all feel connected to our country? Productive and positive initiatives need to be implemented in our communities to correct the disparities that have given life to these protests in the first place.

Gestures provide powerful imagery and certainly can be a catalyst for change, just as the reaction to said gestures can be as well. Instead of the endless sniping, let this promote a constructive and effective dialogue so that when we stand together for the national anthem, we all feel the love for our country and know that our country loves us right back.

Sharon Cook-Abbas


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