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Letter: Constitution grants us the right to free speech

Constitution grants us the right to free speech

In regard to Jim Kelly taking offense at the actions of LeSean McCoy during the playing of the national anthem, I hope he does not attend a National Hockey League game any time soon. Watch the players on the bench and on the ice as they shuffle their feet and keep their bodies in almost constant motion during the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner” and “O Canada.” Is it disrespectful that they are not at rapt attention? Why hasn’t Kelly scolded them?

President Trump has once again stepped in to something that he fails to understand – constitutional rights. The Olympic protest by the American sprinters, the courage of Ali to stand up for his rights; that is a what the Constitution grants. These protesters just want America to live up to its promises, as Martin Luther King so eloquently called for many years ago. They are lending their voices asking what Trump is calling for: “Make America Great.” The word “again” does not hold true for many minorities who have suffered injustice over the centuries.

Ronald J. Cohen

East Amherst

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