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Letter: Why are select few in city allowed to park illegally?

Why are select few in city allowed to park illegally?

After reading the article regarding the hot spots for parking tickets, I felt the need to write in with an observation I made years ago. On my way to work every morning, I would see cars parked illegally on Delaware Avenue from the foot of the Skyway to the traffic circle, which impeded the traffic flow for Southtowns commuters. Never was a ticket witnessed on a windshield in front of the courthouses, lawyers’ offices, Holding Center, etc.

As I continued on my journey to work on the Children’s Hospital campus, I would see tickets all along Bryant Street and Hodge Street every morning on any car parked illegally. Why is it that special preference is given to that two-block strip of Delaware, to those in law enforcement and the legal system, but the health care community or those with sick children 2 miles down the road aren’t afforded the same opportunity to park wherever they want regardless of what the sign says?

Chris Roach


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