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Letter: Health care is complex, we have to work together

Health care is complex, we have to work together

Recently a letter referred to Canadian health care as the choice plan for all of us. I’m Canadian and just left my cousin’s home. She told me about her bad shoulder. She saw a doctor last week and he said a shot in her shoulder would help. He set a meeting for 11 months from now to get the shot. A friend is paraplegic. He needs an MRI. It was scheduled for 15 months. He said he would pay for it and they wouldn’t let him. Patients coming to Roswell Park from Canada were approved. At one time Buffalo had more MRIs than Toronto.

Health care programs everywhere are less than perfect. Canada and the U.S. are trying to offer good health care programs. We all want to take care of our people. These are large programs and need the help of all politicians to put together and produce the best plan for all their people.

Donald M. Harvey

East Amherst

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