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Letter: Disrespecting U.S. flag is wrong way to defy Trump

Disrespecting U.S. flag is wrong way to defy Trump

Let me begin by stating that I, too, abhor President Trump and his malicious rants and raves. I think, however, that there are other methods of displaying one’s dislikes than disrespecting the American flag which is, and has been, the epitome of respect for our country since its inception.

I am aware that some of the NFL players have served their country in the service. I am baffled as to how these men, especially, can think so little of said country as to refuse to honor the symbol of their loyalty.

I am even more appalled at the owners and coaches for their solidarity with the players. How many men and women have given their lives in order to preserve this sign of allegiance to their country?

Perhaps if some of these athletes were sent to the war-torn countries of this planet, instead of back to their millionaire mansions, they would begin to appreciate the privileges and amenities they enjoy here and find another way to defy our truculent president, a more responsible and less divisive method of protest.

Alice Szanyi


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