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John Murphy Show: Steve Tasker says 'football players are not shrinking violets'

Former Buffalo Bills player and current CBS announcer Steve Tasker joined John Murphy and Donald Jones on WGR-550 AM Wednesday.

Tasker talked about what he saw on film in the Bills-Broncos game, how he likes the management of Sean McDermott, the difficulty of running against a nine-man box, the importance of going deep and the protests around the NFL. Tasker finished chatting about the Jets-Miami game and the shock of the New York win, and the importance of Stephen Hauschka to the Bills' special teams.

Bills insider Chris Brown started the show, updating the returns of Marcell Dareus and Jerel Worthy to the practice field, the open roster spot currently available to the Bills, and how the Bills should attack Atlanta.

Hauschka, Bills kicker and AFC Special Teams player of the week, also joined Murphy and Jones, and he talked about how the conditions of the field outside last week helped his kicks and the importance of real dialogue with issues and not just fighting on social media.


John Murphy Show ā€” Sept. 27, 2017


Donald Jones: "You talk about the maturation process of a quarterback and I truly feel not having Sammy Watkins here has [Taylor] saying. 'I gotta hit the guys that are open.' "

John Murphy: "This week, maybe more than any other week this year, they need a strong running game. They need to keep the Atlanta offense off the field."

Steve Tasker: "You gotta take those open shots and you gotta hit 'em ... and Zay has to hang on to the ball."

Steve Tasker: "Football players are not shrinking violets, they're going to meet a challenge ... and they did, all across the league."

Stephen Hauschka: "Have conversations with people we don't know ā€” not on Facebook, or Instagram where you can hide behind comments."


0:00-9:00: Bills insider Chris Brown mid-practice report

10:00-29:00: How important is it for the Bills offense to have a strong running game?

34:00-43:00: LeSean McCoy audio on Jim Kelly's comments and the Atlanta game

1:06:00-1:53:00: Interview with Steve Tasker

2:05:00-2:09:00: Sean McDermott audio pre-practice

2:16:00-2:22:00: Interview with Stephen Hauschka

2:27:00-2:39:00: Tyrod Taylor press conference audio

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