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Around the NFL: Eagles coach has analytics in his ear mid-game; Justin Timberlake may play Super Bowl halftime show

Here's a look at stories from around the league on Wednesday, Sept. 27.

1. Mid-game analytic updates drive decisions for the Eagles.

Before a fourth-and-8 play last week, Eagles coach Doug Pederson had a voice telling him to go for it – and not the imaginary kind with horns and a pitchfork on his shoulder.

The Eagles have not one but two coaches up in the box with analytics the team has prepared in advance. They have a direct line to Pederson's headset, giving him up-to-the-second advice on the best decision for a given situation.

"The analogy I think of is kind of like a stoplight," offensive coordinator Frank Reich said. "There's green, there's yellow and there's red, and then there's shades of green, there's shades of yellow and then there's shades of red. So some of them are, 'Hey, it's green,' 'yellow, proceed with caution,' – and that's how it operates."

The analytics are thought to be most helpful in situations where emotional decisions have typically overruled logical ones, at the expense of maximizing a team's opportunity to win.

"What we found is there's been so many decisions over time that are too conservative for the odds of maximizing your chance to win at the opportunity," Eagles owner Jeff Lurie said. " ... When you do the math, you really want to try to be a lot more aggressive than the public would normally anticipate. So I think the smarter teams do it that way."

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2. Lawrence Timmons is sorry for ... doing whatever it is that he did. 

Dolphins linebacker Lawrence Timmons went AWOL from the team in mid-September. He's back now, and he's sorry, but wouldn't give any insight to where he went.

Timmons would only say he was “just happy to be a Miami Dolphin and play football and be here," while using the word "happy" 19 times in a two-plus-minute interview, according to the Miami Herald.

CBS reported earlier in the week that Timmons showed up to a Steelers practice during Week One while the Dolphins were on a Hurricane Irma-imposed bye week, telling ex-teammates that he made a mistake by leaving Pittsburgh.

3. Still no Andrew Luck at Colts practice.

"He's one week away," coach Chuck Pagano said Wednesday. Luck had surgery on his throwing shoulder after last season and hasn't been able to practice yet.

Once he returns to practice, it'll still be a while before Luck is ready for game action.

4. Justin Timberlake will reportedly perform at the Super Bowl halftime show. 

JT is back, according to Us Weekly. The pop singer and actor is reportedly finalizing a deal to perform during halftime of the Super Bowl for the first time since causing Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction at the 2004 Super Bowl.

5. Eagles kicker declines QB's game check, donates money.

Before Eagles kicker Jake Elliot hit a 61-yard field goal to win Sunday's game, QB Carson Wentz was caught on camera saying he would give Elliot his entire game check if he made the kick.

Wentz was reportedly good for the money – $31,764 – Elliot told reporters that he declined. The two instead decided to donate the money to charity.

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