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Letter: Trump seems determined to instigate a nuclear war

Trump seems determined to instigate a nuclear war

As the world’s most powerful 2-year-olds exchange playground-style insults, I’m curious about which one will come out on top in the current war of words. I’m pretty sure that, regardless of who pushes the button first, the rest of the world’s population will suffer. As I reflect on the possibilities, I’ve tried unsuccessfully to imagine President Barack Obama positioning the country and the planet where we appear now to be.

I wonder what will be my reaction if the air raid sirens start to blare. I wonder, too, if I’ll be able to laugh at the silliness of it all, as I reach for the cocktail shaker certain in the knowledge that my family and most other families on earth will soon be experiencing what religious and political fanatics have hoped for and worked so tirelessly over the millennia to achieve – the end of times.

John Nelson


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