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Letter: Disrespect shown to flag turns off many NFL fans

Disrespect shown to flag turns off many NFL fans

I have been an NFL fan for many years. This past Sunday has seriously made me rethink my feelings. I turned on SportsCenter to watch pregame reports and team updates like every other Sunday morning during football season. An hour into watching, I had to shut it off. The amount of coverage spent on the teams’ thoughts and plans, then the hosts going on and on about it, led me to just turning it off and debating whether I even wanted to watch the games.

This protest situation has been blown way out of proportion and the NFL needs to do something quickly. These guys just aren’t getting it. Using the NFL as a platform for their protest is wrong. They should stand up, respect this country’s flag and be thankful for all that they have. They can use their fame to start a foundation or something and use that as a platform, not the NFL.

Mark Guzzi

West Seneca

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