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Letter: Constitutional convention could lead to loss of rights

Constitutional convention could lead to loss of rights

Every 20 years, Albany insiders have a chance to open up our state constitution and do mischief to our protected rights. Don’t let them.

Among the many rights provided by our constitution are the strongest safeguards for areas such as the Adirondacks and the Catskills; the right to free public education; provisions for those in need; voting rights; the right to unionize; the right to be fairly compensated if injured on the job; and protection of public pensions.

All of these and more are at risk once the constitution is opened. Every protection and right will be fair game to be changed, diminished or even eliminated.

The last constitutional convention was held in 1967, and four out of every five delegates were career politicians and Albany insiders. This open-ended process spent too much taxpayer money and was a complete failure. When the voters finally had a look at the proposed changes, they rejected every single one.

We already have a process that allows for amendments to the constitution and it doesn’t cost anything. The State Legislature can pass and the voters can approve amendments on an as-needed basis without the expense and risk of a constitutional convention. A convention will be on the ballot on Nov. 7. Protect your rights. Go to the polls and vote no.

Patricia Prucnal

West Falls

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