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John Murphy Show: Thurman Thomas thinks Bills have 'great front seven that can change the outcome of the game'

ESPN host Trey Wingo joined John Murphy and Donald Jones on WGR-550 AM on Tuesday.

Wingo talked about the NFL player response to President Trump's tweets and commentary, the issues with complaints of the protests in light of Dallas being booed for kneeling prior to the national anthem, whether Buffalo's upset of Denver was overshadowed this weekend, the ridiculousness of the Von Miller penalty, the magic of Tom Brady and the Patriots, the failure to seal the deal by Arizona against the Cowboys, the Jets win over the Dolphins and a preview of the Atlanta-Buffalo tilt.

Bills Wall of Famer and Hall of Fame running back Thurman Thomas joined in his weekly spot to speak on his expectations for the team, the improvement of Tre'Davious White's play in the second half, the change in run blocking schemes for the offensive line and how that affects LeSean McCoy, and the challenges of the Falcons. Thomas also spoke at length on the importance of the anthem protests and the work NFL players perform in the community prior to fan outrage demanding that instead of peaceful protests.

Donald Jones also had his "nuts and bolts" segment where he focused on the upcoming matchup of Tre'Davious White and E.J. Gaines versus Julio Jones and the Falcons receiving corps.

Fullback Patrick DiMarco also joined Murphy and Jones, and he talked about returning to Atlanta and the thrills of his time with the Falcons, culminating with the Super Bowl loss to the Patriots.

Thurman Thomas: 'As long as 45 keeps talking, we're going to have problems'


John Murphy Show — Sept. 26, 2017


Donald Jones: "Talent-wise, as long as this team is healthy, I think it can play with the best teams in the league."

John Murphy on Colin Kaepernick: "Is he worth it, with all that baggage? I don't think teams think so."

Thurman Thomas on Tre'Davious White's second half rebound: "Having a guy like Gill Byrd, who has been there before ... you need to just stick to the game plan, that's what you need to do."

Thurman Thomas: "Whatever the players decide to do this coming week or for the rest of the season I'm going to be behind them to help the cause, help the situation, y'know and I asked myself too after the protest ... am I doing enough to help the community?"

John Murphy: "I hope we go back to football soon, and not just focus on the anthem."

Trey Wingo: "I understand the passion and respect for the military, what the Dallas Cowboys did before the anthem — before the anthem ... including owner Jerry Jones, the Cowboys were still booed. If they did that and still got booed, it's not just about the national anthem."


0:00-19:00: Have your expectations for the Bills changed?

22:00-28:00: Interview with Patrick DiMarco

1:05:00-1:29:00: Interview with Thurman Thomas

1:40:00-1:47:00: Nuts and Bolts with Donald Jones

2:07:00-2:26:00: Interview with ESPN's Trey Wingo

2:41:00-2:46:00: Fake news/real news

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