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Letter: Teams must add netting to make their fans safer

Teams must add netting to make their fans safer

As reported last week, there has been yet another serious injury at a ballpark. When will common sense prevail and safety measures be taken? This news is so disturbing. How often have we all seen a gloved hand reaching up to catch a ball, while tucked beneath the other is a young child?

Back 12 years ago, my granddaughter suffered a head injury at a home game. Despite sitting in an area of top seats, our position of being in line with first base proved ominous, as a foul ball made a direct beeline to my granddaughter’s head. The whole unfortunate occurrence was terrifying, to say the least, as she was whisked away by ambulance and precious minutes ticked away.

Several tests and necessary scans later, she, and we, were the lucky ones! As we left the hospital, our thoughts and prayers continued for a girl injured at the same game, who went into surgery to repair injuries to her nose from a line drive.

We send our prayers and well wishes to this latest unfortunate and unintended victim of a ball gone wild, as well as to the ballplayer. He was, after all, only doing what he does best, and never expecting the worst.

Kathleen Hackford

West Seneca

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