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Letter: Kirst column highlights O’Dell’s incredible spirit

Kirst column highlights O’Dell’s incredible spirit

I would like to give an enthusiastic “bravo” to The News for its recent coverage of Hurricane Irma. I can appreciate Sean Kirst’s intimate reporting on the recent hurricane devastation along the Florida coastline. And more so, I was bolstered by his column about Tammy O’Dell, a Bradenton resident who is battling cancer while riding out the recent storm. While Kirst’s column puts a human face to this destruction, it highlights the human spirit and resilience.

I can say this because I know O’Dell from my past life as a librarian at her children’s school in Bradenton. She is someone who would roll up her sleeves and spearhead a fundraising campaign at school when people were in need. She is an active parent on campus, who is always willing to step in and create betterment. And she is raising four boys who are active readers, always supporting the school library’s annual fundraiser. And now she is attacking cancer with the same amount of gusto she gives everything else in her life, despite the threat of a hurricane.

Thanks to Kirst for sharing a good news story, celebrating a courageous battle of this strong woman and the positivity of the human spirit.

Sarah Potwin

Executive Director

Niagara Falls Public Library

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