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Discount Diva: 3 products I don't want to live without

Some people lust after designer bags, take expensive trips to the salon and are only happy with the latest luxury car. Personally, I splurge on a new purse from Target once a year, wax my own eyebrows and plan to drive my eight-year-old Prius – the car I gave birth in, mind you – another 100,000 miles at least.

For me to covet something, it has to be really good. It also tends to be something embarrassingly practical and inexpensive. I recently stumbled onto three more products I don’t ever want to live without.

Relia-Shave Razors, $1 per 2-pack at Dollar Tree. If it’s a smooth, close shave you’re after, a $13 Gillette Venus doesn’t hold a candle to one of these six-bladed, pink cheapies. And for the price of a single Venus, you’ll get 26 – 26! – Relia-Shave razors.

Even if they cost 10 times as much, they would still be cheaper and better than any other razor I’ve tried. And they last longer, too.

I picked up a package of them at Dollar Tree just for the heck of it a few months ago. They ended up being so awesome, I went straight back and bought another 20 boxes, just in case the store suddenly stopped carrying them. I plan to continue stocking up every time I walk into the store from now on, too.

At this rate, I’ll have enough razors to last me well into retirement, when I plan to shave only for special occasions like weddings and funerals.

Ipsy Glam Bags, $10 per month shipped from I generally am not a big fan of subscription boxes, because I feel like I end up spending unnecessary money on things I don’t need and might not even end up wanting. And I’m not even really a big makeup person. So why am I so crazy about Ipsy?

Every month, you get a different (always adorable) makeup bag filled with five makeup, skincare, hair care and nail care goodies ranging from drug-store to high-end, department-store quality. The selection is pretty well customized according to the information you give in your profile, such as your skin tone, likes and dislikes. Most products come in deluxe sample sizes, but I’ve gotten at least two full-sized products in each bag so far, too. And for $10!

It’s such a fun pick-me-up every month, and a great value. I’ve found products I love (SKINFOOD Black Sugar Mask, M-A-C Strobe Cream, theBalm Voyage shadow) and I’ve given away things I probably won’t use (liquid eyeliner, brown eyeshadow) to my sisters and friends, who squeal like I’ve just handed them a giftwrapped birthday present.

TubShroom, $12.99 at Target. Sometimes stuff you see on Infomercials really does work.

My silver fox of a husband has thick luxurious locks and a beard to match. I’ve got longish curls. No shower drain catcher has ever stood a chance against us.

Every few months for the past 15 years, the shower would stop draining and Dan would have to break out the plumbing tools. After some grunting and maybe a tiny bit of swearing, he would emerge with a gnarly snarl that looked like a prop from the horror movie “The Ring.”

Back in the spring, Dan bought the TubShroom. A silicone cylinder with holes, you plunk it into the drain and it catches and holds any hair that would otherwise wash down the pipes.

I take it out between showers and swipe it clean in one easy swoop. We haven’t had a clog since.

There’s a SinkShroom and ShowerShroom, too, which is also $12.99.

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