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Vic Carucci’s NFL Power Rankings: Week Three

(Through Thursday’s game. Last week’s ranking in parentheses)


  1. Pittsburgh. Should keep it rolling vs. the Bears. (1)


  1. Atlanta. Great test vs. Lions team that looks legit. (3)


  1. Kansas City. Beating the Patriots clearly was no fluke. (4)


  1. New England. Yeah, the Pats are done. Sure they are. (6)


  1. Oakland. Marshawn Lynch has some beastly dance moves. (7)


  1. Green Bay. Rebound time vs. pathetic Bengals. (2)


  1. Seattle. These guys aren’t looking all that sharp and that could be a problem vs. Titans. (5)


  1. Detroit. So far, Matthew Stafford is living up to that massive deal. (10)


  1. Tampa Bay. It might not be easy, but it should be a win vs. Bradford-less Vikings. (11)


  1. Denver. Is Trevor Siemian the real deal? Bills’ D might have something to say about that. (13)


  1. Baltimore. Weak early part of schedule doesn’t give a true feel about Ravens’ quality. (18)


  1. Carolina. Losing Greg Olsen is a killer. (16)


  1. Miami. Soon to be off to a 2-0 start in their delayed season. (14)


  1. Dallas. After such a poor effort, Ezekiel Elliott has to go a long way to redeem himself. (8)


  1. Houston. Things could get ugly for the rookie QB vs. Patriots. (15)


  1. Minnesota. No Sam Bradford = big problems for Vikings. (9)


  1. Tennessee. Derrick Henry can expect to be even busier vs. Seahawks than he was vs. Jags. (17)


  1. Philadelphia. Looking to feast on Giants’ poor pass protection. (19)


  1. N.Y. Giants. With a joke of an O-line, the Giants could be stumbling for a while. (12)


  1. Washington. It’s hard to see the Redskins’ offense keeping pace with Carr & Co. (28)


  1. Buffalo. We’ll see just how much that solid defense can make up for offensive shortcomings. (21)


  1. Jacksonville. So much for that “dominant” defense. (22)


  1. Arizona. Not much of a statement win vs. Colts, was it? (24)


  1. New Orleans. Can the Saints catch another week of rustiness from Newton? (20)


  1. L.A. Rams. In case anyone forgot, Sammy Watkins can make big plays. (25)


  1. L.A. Chargers. Good thing they don’t have that many fans to frustrate. (26)


  1. San Francisco. Niners’ sieve-like pass defense made Jared Goff look like Tom Brady. (27)


  1. Cincinnati. Not a good week for this woeful club to be tangling with the Packers. (23)


  1. Chicago. Facing the Steelers isn’t exactly the path to righting the ship. (29)


  1. Cleveland. Looks like the first win of the season (and second in 19 games) is right around the corner. (30)


  1. Indianapolis. Luckless. (31)


32. N.Y. Jets. If they see the same Jay Cutler who played last week, they’re in for a long day. (32)

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