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Letter: Stop flushing chemicals, contaminating our water

Stop flushing chemicals, contaminating our water

Recently, many articles on medications and chemicals being in our fish and freshwater supply have appeared in The News. T.J. Pignataro points out a major problem within our homes and the water users and sport fishing stakeholders along the Great Lakes. All fingers seem to point to the wastewater treatment facilities and their inability to remove many chemicals from the water they treat.

This is a very complex problem and it is easy to blame the government for lack of interest in its correction. But wait! Every home has a toilet that becomes the receiver of flushable things we do not want or need anymore. This is fixable by concerned residents who think the toilet has become the accepted method of getting rid of unwanted items by flushing them out of sight down the drain. We all should think before we flush!

Dick Smith

Town of Hamburg

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