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Letter: Self-touted historians need to stop vilifying Columbus

Self-touted historians need to stop vilifying Columbus

I’ve read so many attacks on Christopher Columbus from Johnny-come-lately, self-touted historians that it’s almost astonishing. Over five centuries have passed during which he was revered and movies of his discovery of America were shown in school auditoriums all over America on Columbus Day.

My father, Nicholas, in the 1920s and ’30s, as president of the Federation of Italian-American Societies, along with its other officers, would march down Niagara Street to McKinley Monument and place a wreath in front of the Columbus monument, which is now located on Porter Avenue, every Columbus Day. This is still done to this day.

Where were these voices for the last 500 years hurling charges that Columbus enslaved people in our hemisphere; brought disease; committed rape and murder; and ended up in chains?

Columbus sailed in three small boats under the Christian cross and even his boats were named after saints. Do you remember the Santa Maria? How such small crews could raise such manufactured havoc is beyond me.

One writer stated that Greeks early on determined that the world was round, but the rest of Europe didn’t. But Columbus did.

Who’s next on the self-proclaimed modern-day historian’s list, Amerigo Vespucci, for whom our country was named? He was the first explorer to determine that the New World was a new continent and not the West Indies. I’ll go with the five centuries of Columbus and not the historians of the last 10 years.

Richard D. Grisanti


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