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Letter: Westwood developers should withdraw plan

Westwood developers should withdraw plan

The Westwood partners are suing the Amherst Town Board for conducting a review of their project requesting a rezoning of a 170-acre parcel from its current zoning as recreation, open space and greenways to allow a mini city in the center of town.

Developers typically prefer to fast-track project approvals, outside the public eye surreptitiously. But in an about-face, the Westwood partners would like the town to slow down the processing of their 3-year-old application and are suing the town for considering their request.


In a huff, one of the Westwood partners lamented, “They’re trying to force this [project] down our throats.” Really?

For a project that was just determined infeasible by the town Engineering Department and incomplete by the Planning Board, it would seem that instead of suing the town for acting on their proposal the developers could also simply withdraw their application from consideration. And it would be cheaper.

Michele F. Marconi


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