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Letter: North Korea poses danger to the world

North Korea poses danger to the world

Our American allies such as Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and France need to wake up and face reality. Many may not think too fondly of President Trump, but he is not the world’s real problem.

I read a very disturbing article in The News on Sept. 18 about North Korea possibly making rocket fuel that may enable it to strike anywhere in the world. This should be considered a worldwide threat, not just to the United States, Japan and South Korea.

The other disturbing piece of information seems to indicate that both Russia and China could be responsible. It strongly appears that neither can be trusted, and it could be that they are conspiring against the rest of the world.

Are Russia, China and North Korea becoming like Germany, Japan and Italy, which tried to take over our planet during World War II? All evidence seems to point in that direction. Those three countries have become increasingly aggressive in recent years.

It seems that North Korea is daring the United States to attack it. I strongly believe it’s because China and possibly Russia have assured North Korea that they have its back. I don’t think that portly North Korean leader would be so brave if his country were out in the open, like Hawaii.

Please, rest of the world, don’t underestimate Russia, China and North Korea. They’re the ones who are really threatening the peace and continued existence on this planet, and we must be prepared to unite against them when and if it ever happens. God, I pray it never does.

Kevin W. Dwyer


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