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Letter: Native Americans have suffered tremendously

Native Americans have suffered tremendously

If those who are determined to change history by removing Confederate monuments because they hurt or offend them, then shouldn’t we start at the very beginning, with the American Indians?

The early settlers tried to con them into thinking that their religion was wrong, but escaped their countries to have religious freedom. They robbed them of their gold as well as other riches. They took their land from them when they wanted it for themselves. They killed millions of bison for their skins and took away the food source that the Indians relied on to live. They brought illness and death due to the diseases they brought with them.

So, for all those who want to change history to remove all of the things that remind them of all the hurt that they suffered, shouldn’t they do the right thing? Shouldn’t everyone who isn’t of Native American descent go back to their countries of origin and give back the U.S. to the original inhabitants? I really don’t think anyone is willing to do that.

History is needed to learn to correct it and do better in the future. But you do need to keep that history to help remind you.

Back then, they thought they were doing the right thing, but we have found through the years that they had to change and make things right. As we see the violence and greed of today, it’s pretty obvious that there are many who haven’t yet learned.

Daniel Caputa


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