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Letter: Lott’s absurd proposal won’t safeguard voting

Lott’s absurd proposal won’t safeguard voting

President Trump lost the popular vote, ergo we have a voter fraud problem, ergo we have a voter integrity commission. At the August delegation’s recently convened inaugural meeting in the Granite State, an idea, bordering upon genius, was put forth by panelist John Lott, president of the Crime Prevention Research Center. He recommended all prospective ballot casters undergo the same federal background check as gun owners before being granted admission into the sacred booth.

I know what you’re thinking and I quite agree; voting locales and gun shows should then be joined together in constitutional bliss. Cast a vote, get a gun. How about a 10 percent early bird discount on your next gun purchase for voting by 9 a.m.? A free box of ammo for producing six forms of ID? An autographed poster of Charlton Heston dressed as Moses, holding a rifle over his head and proclaiming, “From my cold dead hands,” if you sign your name legibly in the registration book? The possibilities are endless.

Elections will be more legitimate, the streets will be safer and the unbalanced guy sitting next to you on the bus with the “I Like Ike” button festooned to his lapel will be packing.

Joe Sullivan


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