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Letter: Dentists should disclose where products are made

Dentists should disclose where products are made

Shakespeare remarked, “Me thinks thou dost protest too much!” The story, “Dentists object to being forced to reveal where crowns, dentures are made,” in The News on Sept. 15 reminds me of that quote.

After reading what’s going on in the Erie County Legislature regarding dental disclosure and that there is push-back against patient safety by not telling people where their own crown and dentures are fabricated, I was stunned.

My problem is: If you do not desire to disclose, are you hiding something? We all know what happened to the toys from China. It has to change that both dental laboratories and dentists have no demands to divulge where the millions of crowns or dentures are constructed. It was alleged at the health committee hearing in the Legislature that Erie County’s common sense, accountability proposed law is “prejudicial, insulting and misleading.”

The masses should be insulted by medical professionals who do not want to be transparent. I understand that many dentists do not know where the dental products are coming from because dental laboratories don’t have to disclose. The entire dental community could have the same plight as Justice, the clothing store company that was not aware it was selling asbestos-laden children’s makeup.

How awful for dental patients if the law does not get passed. Law or not, require your dentist to reveal where “your” crown, bridge or dentures are made, as well as if the dental laboratory that actually manufactured it is using FDA-approved materials.

Michael May


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