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Sammy Watkins is a flat-earther

Planet Earth is round. It can be defined as an oblate spheroid, since its rotation causes it to be slightly wider at the equator, but if you shrunk our planet down it would be as round and as smooth as billiard ball, even though its peaks and valleys seem massive from our vantage point.

But despite this universally accepted, undeniable and easily provable scientific fact, some people still choose to wrongly believe that our planet is flat. They are called flat-earthers, and you can join their society with a $12 donation.

The flat-earth myth has been perpetuated in recent months by NBA stars such as Kyrie Irving and Draymond Green. It seems to have captured another athlete in its grasp this week: Former Bills receiver Sammy Watkins.

(As a wonderful aside, now that Irving plays for the Boston Celtics, what do you think his interactions are like with reporters from the Boston Globe?)

Watkins, now with the Rams, told Los Angeles reporters this week that he, too, believes the Earth is flat.

I regret not knowing this information sooner. We could've straightened Watkins out during his time in Buffalo.

For the record, Watkins was educated at South Fort Myers High School and Clemson University.

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