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Letter: Writers attacking liberals omit relevant information

Writers attacking liberals omit relevant information

I had to laugh when I read the letters in Everybody’s Column in the Sept. 13 edition of The News. Two writers in a row blasted liberals and Democrats for their viewpoints, while not realizing the irony of their letters.

First was the letter complaining about the “liberal bias” of editorial cartoonist Adam Zyglis. Of course he is; that’s his take on the political scene. What is funny is that the writer didn’t mention the numerous political cartoons The News publishes that are from the conservative side. I cannot count how many times I have said, “There is a Trump voter.” I think The News does a fine job showcasing both sides of the political aisle.

Second was the letter about President Trump donating his salary and giving $1 million to charity. First of all, he doesn’t need the salary, he’s a billionaire (although that’s just his statement, since he won’t release his tax returns, as he said he would if elected – another lie). And secondly, is the writer sure that the $1 million came from his personal account, or did it come from his foundation? If it’s from the foundation, that’s money that people gave him because they liked the reason for the foundation, but it isn’t his to spend any which way he wants.

Also, the writer shows his bias by wondering why liberal career Democrats don’t follow Trump’s example. However, he neglects to mention career Republicans who feed for years at the public trough.

We live in America, where there is no restriction on free speech, as long as it doesn’t cause grievous harm. You can call the president an idiot, and not worry about being arrested, and so, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. But there are always two sides to a discussion.

David R. Battaglia


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