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Letter: It’s time to elect candidates who truly embrace change

It’s time to elect candidates who truly embrace change

In these post-primary days, please take a little time to educate yourself before the November election. Erie County has 44 municipal governments, 30 school districts, 103 fire/EMS companies and countless other taxing authorities just on the local level. This equals inefficient service delivery, needless duplication and high taxes. Seek savings through attrition and see how much cheaper our streamlined government will be in five years, or 10 years.

Look around this country and see how many successful areas use our colonial governance vestige to deliver services. If you want lower taxes, economic growth and the ability to attract jobs without buying them with our tax dollars, change must happen. Nostalgic governance has cost us millions if not billions, lost us jobs and forced fellow taxpayers to flee in droves, increasing the burden on the rest of us. It is time our local government is pared down to reflect the changes in population and modern technology. Tax-and-spend politicians who cling to their feudal states must be compelled to change or should be replaced.

It is time to stop complaining about our government and demand consolidation, which has long been forestalled by politicians unwilling to break this insane cycle. It won’t be easy, there will be bumps, but it starts with whom we elect. So ask your candidates the question, what will you change?

Nicholas Budney


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