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A Sportsman's Tale: Lamented cast brings big results

Submitted by Chris Reisch

Last weekend, my 12-year-old daughter Maya asked me if she could get an inexpensive bait casting combo that was half price at Cabelas for their Labor Day sale. So we bought two, one for me and one for her, set them up, and went to the pond at our campsite (LeiTi in Batavia).

Learning how to cast with a baitcaster takes some effort and patience. Maya caught on pretty quickly and was encouraged when she brought in a 12-inch largemouth on her third cast!

About a half hour later, while I was trying to untangle a nest in my reel, I watched Maya pitch her watermelon Senko under a tree, within a foot of shore. She thought it was a terrible cast, until she saw the fin swimming toward it, then the huge mouth open, then the pull on the rod.
After the fight, we snapped the attached photos while all the fellow campers from the cornhole tournament across the pond cheered loudly for her. The fish was 25 inches (around 10 pounds? I am not good with estimating weight), much bigger than any largemouth I ever caught.
I was very proud of her, and we agreed on the lesson to be learned. The only bad cast is one that doesn’t result in a fish!

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