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Letter: Writer fails to realize the NFL is a business

Writer fails to realize the NFL is a business

The Another Voice in the Sept. 13 News asked, “Why isn’t the NFL standing with Colin Kaepernick?” I have limited space, so here is my 2 cents’ worth. In my opinion, this has nothing to do with race or social injustices; it’s because the NFL is a business and an employer. The league pays players to play football. For example, if a Walmart employee does not follow the policies and/or do the job the way the boss wants it done, he will more than likely get terminated.

I doubt highly that an NFL team with a KKK member on it would or should be allowed to give a “Hitler salute” during the national anthem.

This has nothing to do with white privilege, which the NFL uses to tell black people where and when they can protest. Again they are NFL employees! The writer should not tell people they should assemble, no more than she should tell them to eat liver. That’s their decision.

She stated, “The NFL often turns a ‘blind eye’ toward criminal behavior.” I’d be surprised if the NFL doesn’t sue her for libel.

Three phrases come to my mind on Kaepernick. First, “Being right doesn’t always mean you’re right.” Second, “There is a time and place for everything.” And third, “There is no I in team.”

Michael Insalaco

U.S. Air Force, retired

Grand Island

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