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Letter: Now is absolutely the time to address climate change

Now is absolutely the time to address climate change

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt’s statement that it was insensitive to bring up climate change following hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Jose further defines his tenure at the EPA as a disgraceful, shameful charade. Few journalists felt inclined to point this out, although the Miami Herald noted that Pruitt’s comments were akin to not addressing gun control in the wake of mass shootings; further quoting Miami Republican Mayor Tomás Regalado’s comments that “This is the time to talk about climate change.”

Educators refer to this as a “teachable moment,” teachable in this case since the increasingly more violent Atlantic storms are fed and made even more destructive by rising seas and sea temperatures. Pruitt’s comments imply that talking about climate change is a diversion from helping the people in Florida. I would posit that not talking about it is the most hurtful thing we could possibly do. If we let another big teachable moment go by, much like we did in the aftermath of Katrina, we only ensure that all of the rebuilding that now takes place in the Caribbean, all along the Gulf of Mexico and throughout Florida will be for naught.

Unless the sources of climate change – the cause of rising sea levels and rising sea temperatures – are addressed, the infrequent storms that we have just witnessed are sure to become increasingly more frequent.

Richard Levy


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