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Letter: Don’t brag about Trump, who is wasting millions

Don’t brag about Trump, who is wasting millions

A recent letter writer stated that President Trump has donated his salary of $400,000 to charities, and is donating $1 million to the hurricane relief fund. Then the writer attacked liberal politicians for not donating money to the fund.

Let’s start with the latter. Did he ever stop to think maybe all of those people have donated? How would he know? Not everyone is like Trump, who has to brag about everything he does. A lot of people want to quietly donate, and are not looking for praise and pats on their backs. They prefer to remain anonymous. I’ve done it many times.

Now for the former. It is wonderful that Trump is donating his salary, which he hasn’t really earned yet. On the other hand, does the writer realize the millions Trump is spending on all his vacations, and having four locations he calls home? Every trip to Mar-a-Lago costs millions. He has already depleted this year’s Secret Service budget, and it’s only been eight months. Everywhere he goes, he costs the local and state police tons of money, too. He needs to cool his jets and stop being so wasteful. How about donating all of the campaign money he’s raising, and the hats he’s hawking for $40 each to the relief fund?

He’s all about size. The size of his crowds, his votes, the money he donates. So don’t go bragging about how generous your president is.

Toni Barone


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