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Letter: Many from both parties aiding hurricane victims

Many from both parties aiding hurricane victims

A recent letter writer feels that liberals need to donate more to the hurricane relief efforts. He gave the impression that liberals were not doing their part. He stated that President Trump has offered a million dollars to aid the disaster, claiming he did this with only nine months of political experience, while career politicians like Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama and Gov. Andrew Cuomo have not publicly done so.

I have some questions for this writer. What does time in politics have to do with donating to disaster relief? Why did he not include conservatives in his letter? I’m sure that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin could afford to give a million each, since all are billionaires. Why not call out Rep. Chris Collins, Sen. Ted Cruz or Rep. Paul Ryan?

Does this writer not understand that all five living former presidents are working together right now raising funds for Texas and Florida? Does he not know that 92-year-old President Jimmy Carter is still building houses for Habitat for Humanity? Many from both parties are working to get aid to our fellow Americans in their time of need. Many just choose not to make it a public statement like the president did.

Thomas Koppenhaver


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