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Letter: Goodell, NFL can’t allow players to make own rules

Goodell, NFL can’t allow players to make own rules

Roger Goodell is really responsible for the whole NFL national anthem controversy. If he had set down a policy instead of lecturing football fans on how they should “respect all opinions, as the NFL will be doing,” there would have been no problem.

The NFL is a business. If Colin Kaepernick was sitting in the stands, out of his NFL apparel, I wouldn’t think any differently of him if he mooned the flag during the playing of the national anthem, but he was protesting as a representative of a private company, and a league so picky that players are fined for minor uniform violations. The NFL and all of its teams have every right to establish reasonable rules for their employees. If they want to make every team line up with helmets under their left arm, they can. Or if they want to “respect” their player’s intention not to stand, they could have those players wait in the tunnel until after the anthem.

If you want to keep working at your job, follow the rules. Sure, report grievances, etc., but don’t expect to keep your job if you make your own rules, unless you are so valuable to your employer that he has to keep you as long as you’re untouchable. Kaepernick isn’t that guy anymore. And judging from the feelings of most fans, he’s bad for business.

Dominic J. Verso


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