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More Emmy thoughts after the deadline

The dirty little secret of reviewing is critics often have to miss the important moments of shows they review to make their deadlines.

This is my way of saying I missed the last 30 minutes of Monday night's Emmy Awards when the big awards were given out on CBS because I was writing. But I watched after I finished and tweeted about what I missed.

Here are edited versions of those tweets, along with some additional comments about them.

How can they play Sterling K. Brown off?

The star of "This Is Us" was delivering a terrific funny and serious speech after being named best dramatic actor before the music played him off and didn't allow him to finish.  One highlight was his shout out to Andre Braugher, the last African-American to win in the category in 1998 for "Homicide: Life on the Street." Brown's win was one of several highlighting the diversity of those honored.

Colbert has had much better nights than as Emmy host

Missed (Nicole) Kidman's 's speech because of deadline. Gr8 speech. She got much more time than Sterling K. Brown.

I guess that's because she is a movie star. The extended time that Kidman was allowed to speak after winning for her role in HBO's "Big Little Lies" stood in contrast to the treatment of Brown. I guess it is harder to cut off a movie star than a TV star. But Brown is extraordinarily popular in an extremely popular network hit. I imagine if he had been on a CBS show rather than a NBC show he would have been allowed to finish.

Had to make deadline when Riz Ahmed won Emmy. He was terrific in HBO's "The Night Of":

Ahmed also gave a strong speech, which included a shout out to the late James Gandolfini,  the "Sopranos" star who was one of the executive producers of "The Night Of."

"The Handmaid's Tale" was a critical darling too. I stopped at 3 episodes. Too dark. But that's just me. "This Is Us" would get my vote.

"The Handmaid's Tale" -- winner of Sunday's best drama award -- was honored for best achievement in drama and program of the year by the Television Critics Association a month ago. "This Is Us" was named new program of the year. Go figure.





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