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Victim weaves tangled tale to explain burglary

NIAGARA FALLS – Police said that what initially was reported as a burglary Friday morning may have been more of a payback situation.

A South Avenue man told police that three people broke into his house between 10 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Friday while he was out working a side job. The three stole assorted groceries, a mailbox, an electronic benefits card and a pair of collectible knives, worth a total of about $600. The victim told police that his girlfriend was sleeping during the break-in.

The girlfriend, however, told a different story – eventually. Police said that after some conflicting stories, the women told police that the intruders were "drug dealers'' to whom the victims owed money, and that they came to collect upon that debt. She told police that the male victim hid upstairs during the incident because the intruders were looking for him.

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