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Letter: Trump’s presidential win turned into America’s loss

Trump’s presidential win turned into America’s loss

Another “Trump won” letter? They just do not understand. First of all, the Electoral College was started as a way for the elites in colonial society to limit the power of the populace. But, yeah, Trump won what he needed to win.

He won a primary because his opponents ran against him like they were going to try to hit him up for money later. He won with a media that was more concerned with ratings and clicks than getting answers to legitimate questions like, “How will you make Mexico pay for the wall?”

He won the campaign with the aid of Russians, with the aid of Republicans who created conspiracy theories and rumor as evidence of wrongdoing, then spent millions investigating to find nothing. He won with the media who treated them as legitimate stories, having interviews with people Walter Cronkite wouldn’t have near his news, and finally the October surprise of the head of the FBI doing a political favor. Yep, he won.

But did America win? One of his promises was, “You’re gonna be winning so much it’ll make you sick of winning.” Really? Where are those corporations building factories? Where are the major infrastructure projects?

The right will blame the Democrats, but there is one inescapable fact. The Democratic Party is a minority in both houses. The super genius “dealmaker” can’t get things done with a Congress and Senate run by his own party. That’s like striking out in T-ball.

As far as his “wins,” he gifted the GOP with their choice of Supreme Court justice, signing papers and making bad situations worse, made good situations uncertain and uncertain situations bad. Yes, Trump may have won, but America didn’t.

Larry Schultz


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