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Letter: Trump could not compare to his opponent’s flaws

Trump could not compare to his opponent’s flaws

Had a good laugh reading the Sept. 10 letter, “Trump’s character flaws trouble many Americans.” Not only did Hillary Clinton have more character flaws, but she also had many illegal and immoral charges against.

The Democratic National Committee chairwoman rigged the Democratic primary in Clinton’s favor over Bernie Sanders. The vast majority of newspaper and media outlets in the country were actively and shamelessly campaigning for her while coming up with as much false narrative on President Trump as they could.

Hillary called the working class voters “deplorable” for not backing her. She failed to campaign in many states and took the black vote for granted because she felt they were in her back pocket.

She was in terrible health and even her own husband questioned her campaign tactics. Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un would have used Clinton to further their agendas and she would have looked the other way, just as she did in Benghazi.

I will take “character flaws” over that Deplorable Hillary any day.

Kevin W. Lorka


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