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Letter: Kirst column gives hope to an East Side Amazon HQ

Kirst column gives hope to an East Side Amazon HQ

In the chaos, concern and despair over the recent hurricanes, North Korea, United States politics, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria (the list can go on and on), thank you to Sean Kirst for the Sept. 11 column, “An open letter to Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon.”

It was uplifting, informative and I’m sure gave many Buffalo residents a good deal of pride in the city and its resurgence. The column provided a great history lesson of the rise and fall of Buffalo and now its rise again.

It was wonderful that he suggested the Central Terminal and the East Side as a potential site for the second headquarters for Amazon. I don’t know how realistic that would be, given the disrepair of the building, but it would be a shame to have that building deteriorate further into oblivion.

But the possibilities are endless for the city, and it was great to read so well-written a piece about our history and locale. Attributes of the residents of Buffalo cited in the article that would do any company proud are these: absolute fierce loyalty of the natives to their city and a work ethic that doesn’t quit. Thank you, Sean, for all the compliments to Buffalo your column provided!

Christine Schurkus


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