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Letter: Hurricanes should convince climate change naysayers

Hurricanes should convince climate change naysayers

In the coming days, just as in the past two weeks, we’ll see many great acts of valor amongst first responders and our fellow citizens as good people go about saving their fellow humans from the most horrible situations of their lives.

If we think to look for it, we’ll also be able to identify more subtle types of heroes. Unlike in Houston and the surrounding Harris County, Texas, the municipalities of the Florida coast are differentially prepared for a hurricane. Some communities are well-prepared and others are not.

We should look for the subtle heroes who implemented zoning and building codes that attended to the clear realities of the science of climate change. We should praise them. We should also look for those who ignored the science. We should also give them their due.

Those in positions of authority who have willfully ignored the clear scientific consensus about highly likely consequences of climate change for their communities obviously did not wish to cause harm, but they either did or likely will. This should be recognized for what it is – criminal negligence.

Don Duggan-Haas


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