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Letter: Collins and Reed given undeserved DACA credit

Collins and Reed given undeserved DACA credit

I must object to an article in the Sept. 13 News reporting that Reps. Chris Collins and Tom Reed will support a “fix” that continues the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program to protect innocent children of illegal immigrants.

The article clearly suggests full and positive support for this humane and very popular program. This is not entirely true and that fact is only mildly suggested much further along in the report. The Collins/Reed support is totally hinged on Congress supporting many of the Trump plans to spend huge amounts on a so-called border wall and other programs, along with some Trump-fostered severe restrictions on future immigration and removal of current aliens.

Collins and Reed, under enormous pressure for supporting the current administration, are given a free ride by The News for what looks like, but certainly is not, a wise and humane stance. The conditions they exact (in the fine print) make a mockery of the “support” for DACA you unwisely headline. The real news is that Collins and Reed will exact an unbearable price for support of DACA.

Richard Rockford


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