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Letter: Americans have a duty to fact check president

Americans have a duty to fact check president

When Trump makes a statement, look at his history or fact check him.

The latest statement is that Trump “cares” because he handed out a few hot dogs in Texas. Yet several weeks ago he was advocating 24 million be thrown off Obamacare so he could say he “won.” Even now it’s quietly being defunded so it fails. Trump was pushing Congress to shut the government down if he did not get funding for his wall. If the majority of illegals overstay their visas, how does the wall stop this? Let’s not forget his latest “caring” about the Dreamers.

Supposedly he donated a million dollars to Texas. If every golf trip he has taken costs taxpayers a million dollars, and he has taken many to date, who really benefits?

He lies on tax reform. He states we have the highest corporate tax rate. He lies when he wants you to believe giving more to millionaires will make them produce jobs. Look at the last time this was done, there was the largest transfer of wealth as the wealthy invested in their stocks and selves. Added to this lie is that the wealthy must be able to bring back money they have stashed overseas so they can create jobs. History says otherwise!

Finally he wants to repeal the estate/death tax. This only affects .2 percent. Who are the only beneficiaries? It’s Trump and the one percent.

It’s not hard to fact check our president every time he makes a statement.

Diana Butsch

West Falls

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