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Letter: Address Albany corruption by voting yes on convention

Address Albany corruption by voting yes on convention

Every New York voter should be aware that there is a referendum on the back of this year’s ballot on whether to hold a constitutional convention. If the yes vote prevails, delegates would be elected next year and the convention would commence in 2019.

I urge people to vote yes on this proposition. Corruption is a major problem in Albany that has engulfed more than 30 high-level state officials. A convention could strengthen our ethics rules and deter future conflicts of interest and breaches of trust.

There are many other compelling issues that could be addressed by a constitutional convention. Redistricting and campaign finance limits certainly could be improved. Home rule and consolidation of municipal governments and school districts must be modernized. Provisions on the environment and equal rights – including for women – could be addressed.

The power brokers in Albany and those who lobby them are urging a no vote on this referendum in order to preserve their power. Do not listen to their weak arguments. Turn the ballot over and vote in favor of a Constitutional Convention.

Stan Lundine

Former N.Y. lieutenant governor

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